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Designed for dream-chasing biz owners seeking streamlined systems, structured teams, and project success.

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Specially crafted for coaches, we tackle all the techy stuff, from platform setup to email automation, freeing you up to do what you love - sharing your knowledge. It's time to make your vision come alive, hassle-free.

effortless launches, elevated results


Launching a course can feel like trying to put on mascara mid-sneeze—nearly impossible and a tad chaotic. From crafting converting sales pages to navigating checkout setups and automating email sequences, the tech challenges can be intimidating.

Introducing 1-800-Launch, your ticket to a dream launch without a hint of tech meltdown in sight. Together, we'll transform your course launch into a seamless experience.

Ever wished for a magic wand that could handle all the techy stuff while you focus on what you do best? 

Picture this...

Everything works like clockwork. No hiccups, no glitches, just a smooth customer journey, which leaves you time to kick back with a glass of bubbly and watch those sales numbers shoot up. 

With our expertly automated welcome sequences, intuitive course platform, and top-tier customer support, you won't just have clients - you'll have your own personal fan club. 

Wake up babe, THIS IS NOT JUST A DREAM...

Your badass ideas that are swirling in your mind are transformed into captivating sales pages, engaging email sequences, and a course platform that reflects YOU and your brand.

On launch day, you’re cool as a cucumber. From the sales page to the seamless checkout process, everything will be beautifully aligned and stress-free. Imagine floating along a lazy river, marg in hand and not a care in the world… THAT is the vibe.

shadow + embodiment coach

megan zuzevich

Shelby came in and not only put together work flows, she took the time to really figure out what I needed and came up with solutions that I had zero knowledge about. Working with her was a dream and she will be my go-to for any workflow/system set up processes."

"It's hard to find professionals that will respect and treat your business with the same love and attention you do. Shelby is one of them."


marianne wright

Shelby was so knowledgable and was able to answer all of my questions. She is also extremely efficient and working with her was a streamlined process. Finally Shelby LISTENS to her clients—she created an onboarding process for me that resonates with my brand and I believe that is because she spends the time to listen and learn about her clients and their brands.

"Whenever someone tells me they are looking to automate their processes, I tell them Shelby is THE person to work with."

Our journey begins with a 90 Minute Strategy Call on to align our vision. Then we focus on setting up your course platform, importing content, and designing client-facing pages. Next, we move on to crafting a captivating Welcome Email Sequence with expertly designed emails and seamless automations.

Week One



a peek 


Integrating the course platform, email marketing, sales, and checkout pages, we conduct rigorous testing for a glitch-free user experience. A 30-minute check-in ensures consistent branding, followed by a meticulous review and refinements of technology components based on feedback. As we conclude, the focus shifts to Training and Documentation, preparing materials and tutorials for your seamless launch.

Week Three


Kicking off with Email Reminder Setup, we craft and test automated reminders. Moving swiftly, we design the visually appealing and mobile-friendly sales page, seamlessly plugged in with your compelling copy. Approaching Checkout Page & Funnel Build Out, a user-friendly checkout page and strategic upsell/downsell funnels take shape. 

Week Two


Don't hesitate—take the leap towards a stress-free launch experience. Embrace the power of 1-800-LAUNCH and make your dream launch a reality today!


Ensuring seamless functionality, a Final Review is conducted. Then we'll have a 1-hour Training Session, guiding you through the technology setup, with the delivery of personalized training materials. Beyond the project, enjoy 30 days of ongoing support, ensuring a smooth launch journey. 

The After Party


We're the peanut butter to your jelly, the yin to your yang, and the salt to your margarita rim. 

Your dreams are too big to be crushed by tech challenges.

Click below and let us be your launch tech fairy godmother. 

You’re not just an ordinary coach so why settle for ordinary tech support?

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Your potential is bursting at the seams. We're here to help you tap into it. 

Forget about us being some stuffy, behind-the-scenes tech team. We're like your partner in crime, your lunch date, your hot goss confidante, and your personal cheerleader in all things life and business.

Running a business is HARD. But with us in your corner, you'll be tackling those challenges without batting an eye. 

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