A game-changer for coaches eager to make a lasting impression and elevate their client experience from day one.

Steal My Onboarding Process

Designed for dream-chasing biz owners seeking streamlined systems, structured teams, and project success.

Transform Your Ops


Every woman in business has a distinct voice and vision. Our role is to listen, comprehend, and bring that vision to life through efficient systems and operations.





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Your potential is bursting at the seams. We're here to help you tap into it. 

Forget about us being some stuffy, behind-the-scenes tech team. We're like your partner in crime, your lunch date, your hot goss confidante, and your personal cheerleader in all things life and business.

Running a business is HARD. But with us in your corner, you'll be tackling those challenges without batting an eye. 

Making Dreams Become Reality Through the Power of Systems & Operations


Discover bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and elevate your operations effortlessly. Perfect for entrepreneurs seeking to transform chaos into clarity and drive sustainable growth.

Ops Analysis

Designed for dream-chasing biz owners seeking streamlined systems, structured teams, and project success.

Transformational Operations

That’s why we take the time to understand your unique needs, goals, and dreams. Together, we’ll create a customized plan that not only streamlines your operations but also energizes and supports you on your journey.

Success is not just about the numbers, but about the people behind them.

Leadership coach for new managers

Makeda Andrews

Shelby’s expertise has been instrumental in streamlining operations and creating a more cohesive business. Having her as a sounding board with a deep understanding of my business goals has led to smarter decisions. Shelby’s support not only allowed me to get back to what I enjoy again, but also helped me enroll 21 additional students I wouldn't have reached on my own. Her timely communication and genuine care make me feel like a valued client, not just a number. What truly sets Shelby apart is her adaptability and solution-oriented approach, perfect for my always evolving business!

If you're looking for someone to care for and know your business inside out so that you can have a fresh perspective, Shelby is your gal. 


Alex Scot

To have Shelby bring my ideas to reality and keep everything organized & streamlined for me has been incredibly valuable. Before working with Shelby, I wasn't able to focus on the things that I LOVE in my business & that fuel my energy as a coach, so her being my OBM has not only made me happier & healthier, but my coaching has gotten better & my clients are happier too!

I struggle to find the words to express how much of a necessity Shelby & Co is to my business.

boutique business coach

Jenn Foley

From day one I felt like I could say anything and Shelby would never judge. From a crazy big goal or idea that I had all the way down to my overflowing inbox! Shelby is absolutely amazing and has transformed my business AND my life! I can't thank her enough.

Shelby & Co is there with me to get things done, celebrate the highs and lows, and make the day to day way more fun!


Kellyn Jones

I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without Shelby! She has helped me stay focused on what I am good at and I can't imagine trying to figure all these things out while I'm trying to actually work! I knew I wanted an OBM that was organized and truly loved building systems.... And Shelby is all of that & so much more. Best decision I have ever made in my business.

Shelby has given me structure, ideas, and made my day to day so much easier.

The key to winning over your client’s hearts from day one – my elevated onboarding process is a game changer for coaches that want to keep their clients coming back for more!

Steal My Onboarding Process